Vegan products

Buy Vegan Food Products Online. Discover Desideri di Sicilia wide range of vegan food products, like our Vegan cheese.

Today can be really easy to find and buy vegan items online.

A lot of websites and not only, even the markets and supermarkets are full and well furnished with products of vegetable origin. Vegan is a term that indicate a lifestyle wich exclude all foods of animal origin. Vegan people don’t eat meat, fish, eggs, milk and milk derivaties, but this does not mean that they give up on good food.


vegan products

In fact there are a lot of products that can transform a vegan meal in an exquisite dish: Almond Milk, Extra Vergin olive oil made with sicilian olive, Filaverde semi-finished products for pastry , orange jam made with exquisite orange from Ribera (Sicily) and more other. So we can all find a rich selection of high quality vegan products that have nothing to envy to the traditional ones.

This means that the vegans can eat everything, without eating animal items.

So what the vegan people eat? All those products that have nothing to do with animals exploitation: our sicilian Pasta, fruits and vegetables, oil seeds like our sicilian legumes, dried fruit, soy derivatives (tofu, tempeh), meat protein substitutes (seitan, mopur, Quorn), etc.

Vegan means a lifestyle choice anche not only a Trend choice.

Becoming or beeing  already vegan is an important lifestyle choice. This means that you have to set your habits and not only the eating ones. You can decide to become vegan whenever you want, but is very important that you are aware of what this means and choose with full knowledge of the facts.

This is not only a trend of the moment and not even a choice made for others. The VEGANISM has a long story and it dates back to the ’40.

For accuracy was 1944 when in London, Donald Watson and his life partner Elsie Shrigley found the Vegan Society, after leaving the Vegetarian Society and in this way they start to promote the veganism and the vegan products. At the beginnings  their company  counts 25 people but nowadays it counts more than 75 milion people all over the world. There are people that have decided to give up on animal nutrition, but not give up on good and exquisite food.

Vegan items: a healthy choice

We can all find a wide range of vegan products that can be bought online with only one click. Hight quality items, made with selected raw materials that offers taste and flavor and can be long-term stored. 

A vegan nutrition can be called a well-being nutrition, because can do no harm, like some people said years ago. If you follow correctly and pay attention to this lifestyle, all the items fullfill you body with vitamins and nutrients. We all know already that the veganism is a valid choice for all ages. This is what every year the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics from Italy and SINU declares.

Therefor DESIDERIDISICILIA.COM has selected a series of hight nutritional value products to garantee a great taste and flavour on our tables. Dalli Cardillo View Catalog.

Our selection includes the next Vegan items:

  • Fillaverde Vegan Diced Box 150 gr (10 pieces) -100% vegan food specialty for vegetarian and vegan cuisine.
  • Green Almond Milk Box 1L (12 pieces) – 100% vegan food specialty for vegetarian and vegan cuisine. Gluten free, lactose and cholesterol free. Ingredients: water,sugar and almond (4%)
  • Lemon Flavored Oil Box (6 pieces) – 6 bottles of Lemon Flavored extra vergin olive oil 250ml each one.
  • Gold Almond Milk Box 1L (12 pieces) – Gluten free, lactose and cholesterol free. Ingredients: water,sugar and almond (8%).
  • Classic Extra Vergin olive Oil Box 250ml (6 pieces) –oil obtained by miling carefully selected olives harvested at the beginning of the phenological phase of maturation.
  • Vegratt Grated Vegan Box 100gr (10 pieces) – 100% vegan food specialty for vegetarian and vegan cuisine.
  • Filaverde 1 kg or 400gr. Our 100% vegan specialty.
  • Filaverde Vegan Diced 150 gr or 500 gr – 100% natural vegan good taste product.
  • 1L Gold Almond Milk or 1L Green Almond Milk –refreshing, energetic and ready to drink almond milk beverange. 100% natural, gluten free, lactose and cholesterol free drink.
  • Vegratt Grated Vegan 100gr or 500gr – grated food speciality 100% vegan. Simple, good and natural flavor specialty.